Super Stationery to Beat the Back-to-Work Blues

Every cloud has a silver lining, just like every January holds the possibility of a stationery spree to help ease yourself back to work. Here are some fave finds.

1. Desk caddy, around €88, Present & Correct

2. Magma sketchbook, around €16, Designist

3. Letter rack, around €19, byShop

4. Formwork desktop storage, around €15, Herman Miller

5. Letter set, around €9.50 for a pack of three with six letter sheets, Present & Correct


6. ?Outline? measuring tool, around €68, Field

7. ?Frequency? A6 notebook, around €10, Esme Winter

8. Hypotrochoid art set, €8, Designist

Happy new year!

Sheenagh Green for?@Image_Interiors

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