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Pick up the brand-new?September-October issue (if you haven't already)?for?our?full declutter detox guide?? it's filled with tips on how to get started, behavioural habits to keep in check and questions to ask yourself while you sort. Read on to find out where to cash?in on your clutter - and don't forget to print off our clutter-busting checklist below?

So, where to begin? There is much debate about whether to go drawer by drawer, room by room or item by item. In fact, throughout my research I have found that most of the popular experts' opinions differ on the best way to approach your household hoard.

One thing's for sure:?what matters is making a start. Take items that are less important to you first, so that you're?a well-oiled, clutter-busting machine by the time you come to'sifting through those emotion-inducing mementoes. You'll also?free up space you never realised you had to store more of the stuff that means something to you.?Make sure to take regular breaks to eat and rest, though??avoid making the whole process more miserable than it needs to be!

Are you ready? Download and print our?declutter breakdown and checklist now?to get you started ??because, let's face it, ticking things?off?a list feels great.

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Wondering what to do with your clutter? Here are?three?nifty ways to get rid of unwanted items and possibly make a few bob in the process?

1. Give to charity shops
Collection services are often available so?check out your local stores online.

2. Sell or swap online
There are a rack-load of apps and websites to choose from to sell or swap your unwanted goods (Depop, Etsy, Ebay, DoneDeal,?Gumtree)?and setting up a seller's profile is easier now than ever.?Have a quick search of these sites or others to find forums on which your item might be in demand???be careful to use a reputable site so?you won't be scammed.

3. Head to a car-boot sale
DISCLAIMER: Only enter a car-boot sale if you are certain you won't leave with more than you came with! Browse this?list of car-boot sales nationwide.

4. Swing by a swap party
Swapping clothing and items with friends is a great way to breathe new life into your wardrobe and home, with little or no cost, and have a bit of fun while you lighten your load.

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