Cutting Edge

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As Jamie Oliver never tires of telling us, when it comes to whipping up a feast, the equipment you use can make a big difference. And he's not wrong either. Cheer up your kitchen countertop with our pick of the coolest chopping boards on the, er, block.


1. Nimbus Cloud serving board, ?85.99, Jeff Knight
2. Wayney medium board, ?53.95, Bunbury Boards
3. Puzzleboard, around ?20, Supermarkethq
4. Teardrop serving board, ?67.42, Dominik Kowalik
5. ES Cutting board, around ?14.50, Postmodern Design
6. Index cutting board, ?73, Joseph Joseph
7. Bowlboard food prep board, around ?48, Kain Lucas
8. Cut & Collect,? ?26, Joseph Joseph
9. Pie Slice cutting & serving board, ?79.50, David Weatherhead
10. Up Cutting board, ?37, Elisabeth Dunker

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