Cribs: Ridiculous Mansions We Want

How many times have you found yourself flicking through house listings, saying 'ah sure, we'll just set the minimum price right up there in the squillions and see what comes up, for the craic, like'? Yep, us too. It's always nice to dream though, right? Here we round up some of the most insane properties from around Ireland - all found on - should you ever stumble upon a winning lotto ticket.

This beauty is in Cork. It's got a modest four beds and four bathrooms. Only €3,000,000.


Outdoor hot tub in Sneem, Co. Kerry? Don't mind if we do. Hard to believe this is Ireland. Six beds, three baths and down from €1m to a paltry €2,950,000.

An oasis of old-school comfort set against the backdrop of a Wicklow farm. The perfect place for Sundays spent baking apple pies. €5,000,000 for six beds, three baths and an equestrian enthusiast's dream come true.


Check out that sea view! Pretend you live in the Hollywood hills (but shhh, it's actually Dublin) in this seven-bed, seven-bath pad nestled among the hills at Howth. €4 million.

But sure if you've come into millions and millions, you may as well fork out for one of those seaview cribs on Sorrento Point, just around the corner from Dalkey, overlooking the beach at Killiney. Six beds, six baths, killer panoramic views and all for just €12,000,000. You'd get to say 'my house has an orangery' and be neighbours with Bono and Neil Jordan for that money.

Which would you choose? Where would you kill to buy if money were no object?

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