Create your own summer oasis with Aldi's new bedroom collection

Creating a restful bedroom space that you enjoy retiring to is incredibly important for your mental and physical health. Aldi's new collection will help to create your sanctuary.

Our bedrooms are intended to be a sanctuary. An escape from the rest of the world where our minds can rest and peacefully fall asleep. But the reality is usually a clutter of clothes, cups of cold tea, unread books and general life admin papers that have overflowed from their usual spot in the kitchen drawer.

Your bedroom is an easy place to neglect. Few people see it and you don't spend too much waking time there, it's more of a transition area between the end of the day and the start of the next. However, creating a restful bedroom space that you enjoy retiring to is incredibly important for your mental and physical health. Not only will you sleep better in a calm space, but it will also ensure that you're ready to face the new day.

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The latest Aldi homeware is all about making your bedroom into a miniature holiday, with plenty of texture, ocean azures colours and storage to ensure your little paradise will stay exactly that. It drops in shops nationwide on Thursday, June 13 and we got a peek before it lands.

As well as launching three duvet sets is seaside stripes and calm blues (from €19.99), Aldi is also releasing a climate control duvet (from €19.99) and pillows (from €9.99), specifically designed to wick moisture away from you during the night to ensure a cool sleep in the summer heat. And nothing quite feels like holiday mode like breakfast in bed, served up on this tray (€14.99).

Finding a neat and unobtrusive beside light can be tricky, but this one is perfect, casting plenty of light onto your reading material while diverting it away from your face where bright lights tend to keep you awake. €29.99.

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Whether you're soaking in the bath or soaking up some rays on the beach, a fluffy towel is a must. This selection of thick, 100% cotton striped towels come in small (from €4.99) and large sizes (from €9.99) in hues of blue and grey and are ideal for drying off.

All of the products mentioned and lots more will arrive in Aldi shops nationwide from June 13.

Featured image:  Mule slippers, €4.99, crocheted stool, €19.99.

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