Create your own home spa with these simple bathroom add-ons

If 2020 is the year we stay at home, why not make that home a little more inviting? 

If there's one thing most of us can agree on, it's that we could use a little R&R after the last six months.

For many of us, breaks away are still a long way off, which means rest and relaxation has to take place at home.

And where better to start than turning your bathroom into your own little haven? A bathroom is the perfect place to make your own – it's the only room in the house you're guaranteed some alone time.


And you don't have to break the bank to create your own little oasis, even if your space is small.

Versatile Bathrooms + Tiles now offers home spa consultations with special Wellness Experts, who will talk you through what designs, tools and treatments will best provide a luxurious spa-style sanctuary to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Introduce steam

The Effe Touch and Steam is a must-have for an at-home spa sanctuary. Photo: Versatile

Beauty mavens, you can now give yourselves the optimum skincare treatment by introducing steam to your bathroom experience. Enjoy the restorative power of water with a steam bath that uses the latest smart technology. The Effe Touch and Steam from Versatile is a stylish compact professional steam generator – suitable for any shower or hammam.

An elegant panel of silk-screened tempered glass conceals state-of-the-art technology, providing perfect steam bath functions, including steam generation, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, music and touch-screen backlit icons.


The benefits of Touch and Steam include heat that dilates the blood vessels which immediately improves circulation. Pores in the skin also dilate, making it possible to deeply cleanse the skin. You'll feel like you just stepped out of the salon. Talk to a Versatile Wellness Expert, who can help you introduce steam to your shower experience.

Shower add-ons

Relax into the Kneipp affusion pipe after a long day. Photo: Versatile

Ease away your stresses with the multi-sensory Aquamoon experience. Photo: Versatile

Imagine after a long day at the office coming home to a water curve massage jet that provides a harmonising neck and shoulder massage, with the impact of Aquapressure helping to ease tenseness in muscles. You can have this in your own bathroom by simply adding individual elements to your shower. Opting for a Kneipp affusion pipe, for instance, allows you to treat your legs, arms and face, providing benefits including firming the skin and encouraging sleep. Or how about treating the senses with a shower experience that includes built-in modes such as rain, mist, mood light and fragrances. You'll feel like you just stepped out of a five-star retreat, every day! Versatile's Wellness Experts can guide you on the best shower add-ons for you.


Lighting is key

Create the right ambience to get the most out of your home spa. Photo. Versatile

Getting the lighting in your bathroom is essential in creating that sanctuary feeling. All too often we flood our bathrooms with cold and harsh lighting, taking over the calming atmosphere we're seeking. Try switching off that main light when you're looking to relax, and keep some scented candles lighting as you soak in your tub.

To create your own home spa, why not book a consultation with the Versatile Wellness Experts? As well as all of the above, browse the Versatile showrooms and choose which steam bath, sauna, spa elements and tiles and flooring suit your space.

Book a consultation now with Versatile's Wellness Experts and discover how the innovative Touch + Steam or individual spa elements can enhance your wellbeing. 


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