Cook an entire 4-course meal at once using this smart, multi-tasking oven 

Save time this holiday season with a smart oven from Whirlpool’s W Collection and cook up to four different dishes at the same time without mixing aromas or flavours.

After a long and unsettling year, we can finally look forward to celebrating the holidays in the coming weeks. 

And while lockdown restrictions mean Christmas may be a bit different this year, we can still enjoy homely comforts like cooking our favourite festive dishes.

A roast with all the trimmings, cheesy mashed potatoes, homemade mince pies — whatever your traditional fare is, families across the country are counting down the days until they can tuck in and indulge in long-awaited nostalgia.


This season, batch bake in style with Whirlpool’s W Collection ovens. Each appliance is fitted with 6th Sense Technology, a touchscreen display and many more time saving features that make cooking for friends and family easier than ever.

6th Sense Technology

Each smart oven in the collection comes with 6th Sense Technology installed, an innovative tech that uses built-in sensors to choose the best settings for cooking a wide range of meals.

It automatically adjusts time, temperature, and humidity settings to ensure perfect results time after time. 

Simply place your dish in the oven, select one of the available options on the touchpad and let the oven do the rest.

Touchscreen Display


Cooking and baking are a messy business, so a simple touch of a button is a brilliant feature in the kitchen. 

W Collection ovens are fitted with a touchscreen pad called the W11 MySmartDisplay, an intuitive and easy-to-read interface that aids as a digital assistant.

So when your hands are covered in sticky veggies or coated with flour, all you have to do is press a button to get things cooking.

Favourite Features

Other features of the new range include the Cook4 function, allowing four dishes to be cooked simultaneously without mixing aromas or flavours, and the MultiSense probe, which monitors the temperature of meals in four points to ensure complete temperature control inside and out.

You can also steam veggies or fruits quickly with its SteamSense + setting, which helps preserve food's nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. 


Five-Year Warranty

But don't worry, having all these hi-tech features doesn't mean you'll have to deal with costly repairs. Each oven comes with a five-year warranty for parts AND labour. 

So, whether you're whipping up some tasty winter bakes or juggling a family Christmas dinner, W collection ovens do most of the work, allowing you to focus on what matters most — spending time with the family.

The cooking W Collection Ovens comes with 6th Sense Technology that fully guides you to achieve perfect results. Just choose a dish and the innovative 6th sense technology will do the rest, adjusting time, temperature and humidity to ensure the best cooking experience. The W Collection Ovens also come with a 5-year parts and labour warranty. See terms and conditions here.


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