What is 'Biophilia' and why will I want it in my home this year?

Listen, whatever you think "biophilia" means, it's probably not that. In fact, you've probably been trying to introduce it into your home but without realising what is was. Do you love natural textures and calming fabrics? Are you trying to make room for potted plants and drawing in as much natural light as possible? All of this falls under the term 'biophilia'.

The word means "a love of life and the living world" and it's all about our human connection with the living world – the simultaneous jolt of joy and calmness that runs through us as we take in a spectacular view or gulp in the fresh air. Nature is good for our physical and mental well being, why wouldn't we want to bring that into our homes?

Here are a few simple ways to reap some of biophilia's benefits as you lounge on the sofa...


If you're like most of us out there and your bedroom window doesn't quite overlook a mystical forest or a calm sea right before a storm, don’t worry.  The deep green tones oozing from a print like the below will illuminate any space, leaving you feeling like you just came in from a hike up the Wicklow mountains.


Forest Light, Richie Moylan, €45, Fotofactory

Natural Light

We all know that exposure to natural light is fundamental for our overall health and well being. It allows us to maintain healthy levels of serotonin and melatonin, which are the hormones linked to our moods and sleep patterns.

If you have large window spaces, think about ways of maximising the space around them to allow the light to peer through. Try minimising clutter around the sills and avoid using curtains with too much fuss that could end up blocking out the light when you need it.

Sheer Linen Curtains, €35.99, Zara Home

Khaki green floor-length curtains, €19.99, H&M

If you have small windows try adding in some mirrors to reflect the light around the room and create depth to your space.


Carved Louis leaner silver mirror, €289.38, KIAN

Wooded Manor Mirror, €195, Anthropologie


When talking about adding biophilic designs to your home, the obvious suggestion would be to incorporate real plants and flowers into your decor. There is something very calming about having plants about, they can really bring a room to life while also improving air quality. You could brighten up a dull corner with some beautiful magnolias or try hanging plant pots in drab corners. Why not even take it a step further and grow some fresh herbs of your own in your kitchen. Any decent garden centre or even supermarket will have a selection for you to choose from, although plants grown from seed tend to be the hardiest.


Handmade Ceramic Plant Pot, €12, HomeLust

Sixties stem ceramic hanging pot, €42, Amara


Reflection Corner

Finally, have you ever curled up with a good book by the window and instantly felt refuge? There is something about having that little nook, looking out at the world, that can make us feel safe and at ease. With this in mind, utilize that corner and make it as comfortable and appealing as possible. Adding a modern hanging chair or putting your feet up on a soft chaise longue for your own little oasis.

Divine recline chaise longue, Ochre

Cocoon rattan hanging chair, €299, HomeLus

Featured image: Trees wall art print, €49.80, Etsy


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