Red Christmas tree, anyone? The 5 key decor trends to know about this festive season

It's time to start thinking about trees, lights and wreaths. Here are five of the biggest Christmas decor trends for 2019. 

Long gone are the days when multicoloured fairy lights, tinsel and a sturdy crib were the epitome of Christmas decor.

If you were fancy (and DIY savvy) you would even put your Christmas cards on a string and hang them in the hallway.

Nowadays, it's a much more considered and altogether intense affair. There are now themes and trends. And these are where many take inspiration from to deck their halls and living rooms with Christmas cheer.



I am a traditionalist. So while we have moved away from multicoloured lights to a chic cream colour, I still like tinsel. And I love a good crib. I'm not religious but my mother is and her favourite piece of Christmas decor is a crib. She loves them so much that she has a total of five in our bungalow. It might seem a bit much but the sight of the baby Jesus in my hallway, kitchen, living room, utility room and bathroom is enough to make me weep at the magic of it all.

For those who aren't stuck in the 1960s, such as myself, Christmas decor is a lovely thing. People don't tend to change the general decor of a house too often, so when Christmas does roll around the change of scenes and interior design is most welcome.

I am not a decor aficionado but the retailers of this world have simplified the complexities of dressing your home for Christmas.

Here are just some of the trends making magic this season.

Magical memories


Image: Woodies DIY 

Irish institution, Woodie's DIY, believes nostalgia to be a big part of Christmas decorating this year. The magical memories trend is a timeless collection of warm reds and golds which will help even the biggest Scrooge to remember fond memories of Christmas past. This is an easy one to create and is forever classic. Plus, it's a nicer way to embrace sentimentality than cribs and tinsel.

Table settings with a modern twist


If you are looking for something outside of the norm, IKEA has taken the Christmas table setting and reimagined it in a fresh and modern way. Bright white is used as the base with details in blue and red. The look is crisp and clean but when fairy lights and lanterns are added, it feels warm and welcoming.

Neutral tones


With all of the bright lights and vivid colours of Christmas, it's easy to forget that there are people in this world who value neutrality. Zara has zoned in on this trend for their Christmas collection. It's rustic and calm with greys and deep hues of red as the main colourways. Percale and linen bedding is complemented by warm tartan blankets, while vintage-style table settings are elevated by dark wood details.

Go red or go home

H&M believes red is the colour of the season – and if you are going to do it, go big. Red chairs, red cushions and even a red tree. This is most definitely for the maximalists of us who dare to be different and love to take a chance.

A romantic mood


Blush pink and burgundy are two colours never associated with Christmas, however, Irish retailer Arnotts believes them to be a worthy choice. This is for those who prefer softer decor that's plush with velvets and romantic sentiments. There's sparkle but it's more beautiful ballroom than Saturday night fever.

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