Bathroom refresh: The accessories to buy if you can't afford a total revamp

A brand new bathroom might be out of the question right now, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with your sad loo. These bathroom accessories are sure to brighten things up. 

Listen, we've all been there. You want a gorgeous, luxury bathroom that you'd love to pamper yourself in, but do not love the budget required to get it there.

However, a luxurious bathroom is something you'll do exactly that in – luxuriate. Beginning and ending your day on a high is important for your physical and mental wellbeing, encouraging a night of good sleep and helping you feel prepared for the day ahead. Plus, showering in a grimy, unloved place won't help you feel clean and revived.

If you are in desperate need of a new bathroom but haven't quite got the money together or are perhaps renting, here are a few tips to tie you over – not including a deep clean (which I know you don't want to hear but should be your first step).


bathroom accessories
Waffled dressing gown, €27.99, H&M Home

Yes, the first item in this list is not strictly a bathroom item, this is true. But let's be honest, it's not really about the bathroom but how you feel in the bathroom and who doesn't feel better when they're wrapped up in a warm waffle cotton robe after a hot shower?

bathroom accessories
Bistro bath collection, from €16, Anthropologie

If you ever wondered what sparks an idea for an article on bathrooms, it's usually because you came across something so adorable that you absolutely have to find a way to talk about it.

Enter this simply delightful Bistro bathroom set from Anthropologie. These peachy gold hues will bring a bit of classic glamour to any bathroom.

Lindbyn black wall mirror, €45, Ikea

As with so many things, when it comes to interior design, the devil is in the detail. If you want to bring a bit more life to your sink area, without changing out the larger sanitary items, an eye-catching mirror will do just the trick and opting for a round one will contrast with the boxy shape of the sink unit.


bathroom accessories
Lenos Mirtos encaustic tile, €2.09 per tile, Best Tile

If your sink area still needs attention, investing in a few favourite tiles to act as a splashback will introduce colour without breaking the bank.

bathroom accessories
Powder-coated metal clothes stand, €199, Ferm Living

This is ideal for an ensuite bathroom or a large family bathroom. Keep wet towels off the floor and prepare your outfit for the next day with ease with this handy multi-layered clothes stand.

bathroom accessories
White Signature air-touched towels, from €3.95, Meadows & Byrne

This is a simple one but frankly far too overlooked when it comes to non-hotel bathrooms – fluffy towels. Soft, moisture-wicking towels that look as fresh and clean as you feel are perfect for extending that just-washed feeling.

bathroom accessories
Sea Area Forecast-Small Craft Warning print by Fergus O'Neill, €40, Irish Design Shop


I don't know about you, but a bathroom or shower room sounds like the perfect place for a typical Irish forecast for heavy rain. Just make sure your frame is airtight.

Multicolour Get Naked bat mat, €39, Urban Outfitters

Finding a bath mat that doesn't resemble, well, a bath mat is no easy feat. But Urban Outfitters actually has a great array of un-bath-mat-looking bath mats, including this cutesy one and plenty of plainer options too.

Iringa Terracotta baskets €239 for set of three, Woo .Design

Often forgotten when it comes to bathroom design but a necessary part of life, a laundry basket needn't be a hideous polyester thing that looks like it might come with a matching sweat top. Your clothes are chic and so should be the storage you keep it in.

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