Back to Black: Bathroom Update

We're as partial to the colour pop as the next person, but nothing will ever really be as cool as black, and playing with texture, finish and form can result in a truly elegant look. Here are five must-have monochrome items to bring your bathroom back into the black...

1. Dark light. Turn shower time into a pure luxury with some atmospheric lighting, such as the Axor LampShower by Nendo, €1,937.25, TileStyle.

2. Beautiful bathing. Swedish brand Terrible Twins initially grabbed our attention with its graphic packaging, but we're now loving the range for its ?no shortcuts, only pure craftsmanship? approach, from €21, Nordic Elements and Seven Wood.

3. Black beauty. A magnifying mirror is the secret to good eyebrows, and we're currently coveting this monochrome option, around €53, Bloomingville.

4. Soap smart. An honest example of form following function, this soap dish is handmade by visually impaired craftspeople, and reads 'soap? in Braille, €34.22, Folklore.

5. Rustic stone Ideal for walls or floors, these Negra Venetian stone tiles are a real find for their natural variation of tone and texture, around €2.29 each or €228.68 per square metre, Fired Earth.

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