How To Achieve A Scandic-Inspired Whitewash Floor

White washed floorboards that are a key component of the Scandi aesthetic, show no sign of going out of style. Here, an expert from Avenue Floors shares their advice on how to achieve the look...?

Ideal for rooms that are tight on space, whitewashed floors have the ability to trick the eye. ?A lighter floor will tend to reflect light better than a darker one, creating the illusion of extra space?, says Victoria Hemelaer,?product manager for Avenue Floors. ?Relaxation spots such as bedrooms and bathrooms can be transformed into bright, airy spaces with a subtle change underfoot.??


However, while the look may suggest casual, rustic ease, the reality of carrying out a DIY job using wood strippers, floor oils and sanders can run the risk of error. For homeowners wanting to achieve the clean and contemporary look with little effort, whitewash effect floors are a convenient alternative.

Ribena spills, muddy paws and scratches are just some of the pitfalls that sway many of us from white flooring, however white-washed boards are more susceptible to damage, while cushion vinyl neatly avoids this problem. Similarly, wooden floors can fare poorly in bathrooms due to damp, but a vinyl alternative is completely waterproof.



The solution to giving the impression of Nordic brushed white floorboards, with low risk, lies in imitation flooring, says Hemelaer. ?The homeowner is gaining a more practical option, but they are not losing out on aesthetic.?


The Avenue Floors Ultimate Style collection, showcased, is priced €30 per sqm,

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