8 Simple Ways To Add A Touch Of Premium To Your Home

Without the need for forking out for high-end pieces of furniture that you'd almost be afraid to touch, there are smaller, more subtle and wallet-friendly ways of adding a touch of premium to your living space. For some it might be slipping into bed with sheets so comfortable and luxurious you might never want to leave, for others, it might be the chance to drink barista-style coffee from the comfort of your own home. We shouldn't need to venture elsewhere to experience our creature comforts; we all deserve a little premium at home, and whether you live in a 4x4 studio apartment or a five bedroom house, below we've teamed up with the interiors wizards at Arnotts, who've got premium ideas aplenty, that'll have you Instagram ready in no time.

1. Nothing says luxury quite like a soft, fluffy bath sheet. For a low-cost way to make your morning ritual feel like one you'd have at a five star hotel, invest in towels that make you happy.

Super soft towels can turn a regular bath time into a spa experience. Coordinated bath sets give your bathroom that polished look, carrying through the colour scheme from the hand towel to the bath towel, the bath mat and the pedestal. - Arnotts



2. Perhaps more important, however, is where you lay your head to rest. You know the saying; you buy cheap, you buy twice. Bedsheets are where it's at. With so many types of bed linen to choose from, however, it's hard to know where to start. The experts at Arnotts shared their top tip:

"Fitted or flat sheets are the first port of call when dressing your bed. Thread counts start at 84 and go right up to 1,000, but what does that mean? This is a count of the threads per square inch and according to everyone that knows anything about bed linen, luxury starts at 200. Remember, you use your bed every day so it's worth investing in your own comfort.?To see the difference, hold a sheet up to the light. The lower the thread count the more light will shine through; the higher the thread count the less light will come through.?Make sure your bed sheets fit! Mattresses come in different depths depending on manufacturer and style, so if you have bought fitted sheets check that they are deep enough to cover your mattress properly. If you can't get a sheet deep enough to cover your mattress completely then a flat sheet is the way to go. Get practicing those hospital corners!?Use a flat sheet under your duvet to add an extra layer of luxury, and why not choose a contrasting pattern or colour to add some sophistication and style? Remember there is an unending choice of linens available so there is no excuse not to tailor your bed sheets to reflect your personality."

3.?Wow those who come to your house for a catch up and a coffee with something that would impress even the most accomplished of baristas. Yes, the right coffee machine might seem like a big investment when you first buy it, but ask anyone who's done it; you save SO much money in the long run. No more mad dashes to the nearest coffee shop. What's more, you're never more than a few moments away from your favourite cup of hot stuff.


4. Perhaps the most cost-effective way to make your home feel more premium in an instant is with a good candle. The warm glow, the soothing scent; again you're back to that feeling of a spa-like experience in your very own home. The right candle can transform a room, providing you with instant atmosphere. Make your money go further by opting for candles that promise a considerable number of burning hours.

But of course candles can only be lit when you're at home; to guarantee that luxurious scent to percolate through your abode from dawn 'til dusk, a diffuser is your new best friend.


5.?Tableware?and good cutlery is key to your at-home dining experience. Though cheaper options may look just as nice in the beginning, it's important to choose a set of cutlery that are rust-resistant and dishwasher safe.

6. Out with the kitchen paper, in with napkins! When entertaining guests, go one step further than paper napkins; go for linen. Looking for that extra touch of premium? Napkin holders.

7. Nothing says premium quite like a cup and saucer. Serve your barista-style coffees in cups that come with matching saucers. You'll feel like royalty with each sip.


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