6 ways to give your home a luxurious feel (and stay in budget)

Want that five-star hotel feeling in your home but don't have the budget for it? Here are our luxury interiors ideas that won't break the bank.

When you have an unlimited budget, it can be easy to make your home look luxury. Bathroom tiles that are €50 per square metre, why not? A ten grand sofa made of easily marked, unwashable fabric, absolutely.

But when your budget is slightly less than stellar (and has probably been eaten away by your down payment and solicitor's fees and that “tiny, insignificant leak” that turned out to be anything but), giving your home that five-star luxury is no easy feat.

Here are a few ways to elevate your home interiors, without breaking the bank.


Keep it natural

Zara Home

This might sound strange, but natural textures are the basis for luxury interiors. When you think about it there’s really nothing more luxurious than linen, super-soft cotton, wood, stone and leather.

The key to creating a sumptuous base for your interiors is layering these up and keeping the palette neutral. In the bedroom, think crisp white sheets with a linen throw on top. TK Maxx is a great place to buy high thread count sheets at a fraction of the price and Zara Home always have some gorgeous linens. 

French linen pillow cushions, from €30 each, Lamb Design

Another, more flexible way to bring some luxury into your home is with a faux sheepskin. They work as well on chairs and sofas as they do at the foot of the bed or on the floor.

Faux lambskin rug, €25 each, Jysk


Go big with your artwork

A big statement piece of artwork can go a lot further to establishing a luxury feel than a collection of smaller pieces. This doesn’t mean you need to buy an expensive original piece though.

A poster or print will work just as well. You can buy famed photographer Slim Aarons' prints online in whatever size you like, a slight nod to the life of luxury that you’re after.

"Poolside Glamour" by Slim Aarons, from €77, Photos.com

If you are going to splash out on your art, spend it on framing. A good frame will go a long way to elevating a print to luxury levels.

Invest in the everyday

We like to think it’s the big things that really make a home feel luxurious. The very chic (yet probably uncomfortable) sofa, the excessively oversized sleigh bed. But really, it is the small things. A soft hand towel, a chic soap dispenser, a well-made mug. Invest in these things and while they won't scream statement, they'll make the place feel so much more comfortable.


Marble soap dish, €27, Industry & Co

A bar

Listen, there are few things we should heed from Mad Men but the necessity of a bar in every office and home is one tradition that needs to be revived. This doesn’t have to mean a big brass bar cart if that’s not your thing, simply a corner of shelving where you can find a few bottles of your favourite liquor and two nice glasses. More than that is a party and you don’t want a party drinking your nice top-shelf stuff.

Polosa margarita glasses, €26.50 for two, Oliver Bonas

Keep it simple but on display — nothing says adult like a very chic little bar corner and you can get cut-glass decanters in second-hand charity shops by the dozen if you want to go all-out MM


There is nothing luxurious about a pile of shoes  that don’t have a home when they’re not on your feet. Recognise your homeless items and buy some storage to put them in. Under-bed storage on wheels is great for shoes, and lost hats and gloves can be shoved into a chic linen tote bag hung off a coat hook.


Oscar Sencha shopping bag, €40 each, Lamb Design

Same goes for the stray glasses, mouth guard, hand cream and last Sunday’s paper that litter your bedside table. If you simply can’t keep that area tidy, then invest in a unit with storage to tuck it all away and out of sight as you unwind from the day.

Nordkisa bedside unit, €80, Ikea


Finally, nothing says luxury quite like a vase of freshly cut flowers or a large and leafy plant. There’s a reason nice hotels always have large floral displays in their lobby. Greenery promotes calmness and comfort as well as aroma and nothing screams luxury more than relaxation.

Featured image: Ferm Living


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