6 Tile Shops You Need To Know About

Be prepared to get the grout out when you set eyes on these tiles! We've rustled up some of the most cutting-edge international tile retailers to check out today. Scroll down to see our picks?

Milagros (UK)

1 Milagros (UK). Set up in the 1990s by Tom Bloom and his family, Milagros ('miracles' in Spanish!) specialise in bold, colourful tiles imported from Mexico, where Tom works directly with the artists.

Ivanka (Hungary)

2 Ivanka (Hungary). This cutting-edge concrete tile company has been making a splash in the design world since their debut in 2002 at Milan Design Week and has been used by top architects such as Zaha Hadid.

Bert & May (UK)

3 Bert & May (UK). Based in East London, this group has the largest collection of reclaimed tiles and a large collection of bespoke designs.

Popham Design (Morocco)

4 Popham Design (Morocco). Full of bright and contemporary designs, Popham tiles are handmade with cement in Marrakech by husband-and-wife team Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes. Designed to be flexible, the layouts are endlessly interchangeable.

Made a Mano (Denmark)

5 Made a Mano (Denmark). Taking their inspiration from Scandinavian design and combining traditional craft with modern production techniques, these tiles are truly unique. The most exclusive range is crafted from hardened lava stone from Mount Etna and Vesuvius in Italy.

StoryTiles (Netherlands)

6 StoryTiles (Netherlands). Hand-baked in Amsterdam, these are well and truly pieces of art complete with a hook for handling. Collections are inspired by swimming, the skylines of New York and London, and the work of the artist Piet Mondrian. They certainly tell a story...

1 Milagros / 2 Ivanka / 3 Bert & May / 4 Popham?Design / 5 Made a Mano / 6 StoryTiles

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