6 Cute Gifts That Keep on Giving

Are you one of those people who?enjoy buying presents?as much as'receiving?them? We've searched high and low to find six gorgeous gifts?you can feel extra good about giving ...?

Socially conscious gifts are already a commendable?component of Christmas gift-giving, but ethical shopping doesn't have to be limited to the festive season.

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, meaning a host of recognisable products have had?an aesthetically pleasing and philanthropic?pink update (farmers can even buy?Dairygold pink bale wrap this October in support of the Irish Cancer Society). Somehow, this simple change seems to instantly transform any object from familiar gadget to fabulous gift.



Inspired by the genius of of the pink campaign, we hunted down a few equally adorable and altruistic finds. Click through the gallery above in fullscreen mode to see some'sweet souvenirs that would make perfect birthday or anniversary presents at any time of year - and find out which good causes part of your money goes to. So, you can make a loved one happy and do your good deed for the day in one fell swoop.

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