6 Bright Tips For Making Colour Work In Your Home

Use colour; don't abuse it. Here's how to avoid that clashy, cr?che-y look, with inspiration from one of our beautifully bright Irish house tours...

1. Be unafraid of upcycling. Upholstering can be pricey, but it makes a huge impact. Combining a classic design with a funky print makes a very distinct impression, so don't be afraid to go for something striking!

2. Colour in your corners. Paint small items of furniture in bright complementary colours to spark a bit of energy into a beige corner.

3. Wow with wonderful wall hangings. Fabric is a great way to inject colour into a house. Less permanent and often less expensive than painting or wallpaper, wall hangings allow you to change up the decor and colour scheme as often as you like.

4. Bring out the books. Books are a great way to add colour to a drab space. Make sure to arrange the spines so that there is an even distribution of colour throughout your literary corner.

5. Pick a palette. Make sure you decide upon a theme of complementary colours. Using a painting or print which encompasses all shades, like this print of a vintage car, is a great way to tie a room together.

6. Use what you've got! Bright clothing is often too good to hide away in a wardrobe. Why not display your favourite items on a rail, a hook or a hat-stand? We love these colourful crowns, perfect for showing off your best fascinators, scarves and fedoras.

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