5 Tips To Create Cosiness & Warmth In Your Home

Having spent a number of years working in event management in London, Emma Lamb returned home to renovate?her family home. Having always had interest in interiors and design, she struggled to source lighting, accessories and special pieces to add character and impact in Ireland, and so Lamb Design was born. Pulling unique suppliers from Ireland and the rest of the world, Emma has established an online interiors business and studio centred on luxurious and simple pieces with a unique craft'story.?

Here, she gives us her top tips for creating a cosy family home, following the five senses: touch, sights, smell, taste and hearing.


Emma with her son, Hugo.


There are certain textures that are necessary for ensuring a cozy feel in your home. It is very hard for anyone to feel cozy in a home where most surfaces are hard and stark with no soul. Cushions, sheepskins and throws are a great way to add a cosy feel.


Appealing to the sense of sight is probably first and foremost on everyone's mind. Many people are concerned about colors and finding the right balance and furniture styles.

Finding colors that are pleasing to everyone is impossible. You can therefore use your own favorite colors and achieve a cosy feel for yourself. However, warm muted tones are generally pleasant to most people and are great for creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Add some decorative pieces that are reflective of nature to add to the comfort of the home such as landscape paintings, wall hangings and artifacts. Beauty is subjective but there are some items that are universally thought of as having the power to create a homely feel such as a fireplace, beeswax candles and soft lighting.

Black Oiled Framed Tray with Solid Brass Candle Holders, €95, Lamb Design


Fragrance has a lot to do with our comfort. There is nothing cosier or more comforting than the scent of a nature inspired burning candle in scents of cedar wood, pine, or spruce.


Delicious food has a great role to play in making your home cosy. Preparing meals that are pleasant to the pallet (not to mention to the sense of smell) is important to adding to the cosy factor.

Rustic Rattan Fire Wood Basket, €290, Lamb Design


There is nothing like the sound of a fireplace crackling to create a sense of warmth and cosiness. Or the sound of the waves or crashing rain when you are cozy inside...


Featured image:?Black, White & Paprika Wall Hanging, €160, Lamb Design

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