5 Interior Stylists to Follow on Instagram Now

Always dreamed of styling interiors to superbness? Or do you just really like looking at lovely pictures of strangers' homes? Then follow these five on Instagram, quick...

Interior styling is one of those things that sounds spectacularly easy but isn't.?It may not be lifesaving neurosurgery or groundbreaking scientific research, but when the job of an interior stylist is done truly well, a little bit of magic happens.

A good interior stylist makes things look pretty. A great interior stylist possesses a mysterious and indescribable skill - one that is part having impeccable taste and part being able to tell the future. They know instictively how the addition or removal of a certain element?will affect a room. They communicate with spaces on a wavelength that mere mortals cannot,?like a medium. Or some sort of interiors whisperer.

Nowhere is there more evidence of this almost mythical ability?than on Instagram. Just check out these five...



1.?Ciara O'Halloran. We're big fans of freelance stylist Ciara O'Halloran's work - some of?our very own house shoots included. She states that her?engaging style comes from "an inclination for ethereal simplicity", and her Insta documents an authentic love?for her work. She also goes on some very?inspiring travels - her pics of the home she stayed in on a recent design trip to Copenhagen are to die for.


2. Evalotta Sundling. Cool?Scandi minimalism and monochromatic magnificence abound in the work of Swedish interior stylist Evalotta Sundling. Aspirational yet attainable, her Instagram shots provide ample ideas for how to surround yourself in serene style.

Luke Batchelor Flat 2014

3. Luke Alexander Batchelor. Named one of Homes & Antiques' top 50 bloggers of 2015, Luke Alexander Batchelor blends a love of antiques with a dreamy photographic style for an Instagram?profile?that transports the viewer?instantly to another, arguably more stylish, time. His own flat in London, stocked with stunning period pieces, features regularly.


4.?Ilenia Martini. Photographer and art director?Ilenia Martini, currently based in Berlin,?gives ridiculously good interior. Having worked?for the likes of Rue Magazine, Weekdaycarnival and London Design Festival, her shots reflect a carefully honed design sensibility and a pleasantly distinct, clean-yet-laid-back style.



5. Bree Leech. Each season, the new?Dulux Australia press images lift and break my heart simultaneously - because they are so unbelievably beautiful, but the products featured are on the other side of the world. We can still look at the pictures though, which are usually styled by impressive Aussie stylists?Bree Leech and Heather King.

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