3 Top Tips for Post-Flood Home Repairs

After?weeks of record-high rainfall, Irish paint company?Colortrend?have some?helpful advice for home and business owners struggling to repair their properties post-flood...

The merciless Christmas rainfall has left countless?homeowners across the country coming to terms with damage from?floodwater and leaks, and even more with brand-new pockets of developing damp.?Concious that repairing internal damage after flooding can be a daunting task,?Colortrend paint specialists have reached out with the following expert advice on?how to properly repaint damaged walls...


1. Have the area inspected for permanent damage to brick, block, plaster and wood.

2. Make sure surfaces are?clean and fully dry prior to applying paint or primer. Drying out can take a number of months even in favourable conditions but can be expedited using dehumidifiers.


3. Apply an antibacterial coating to help defend against E. coli and the commonly occurring bacteria, algae and mould that can be particularly prevalent?where there has been exposure to flood waters.

Colortrend have also introduced their own special antibacterial paint specifically designed for flooded premises,'developed alongside US-based multinational Agion, which specialise in silver-based anti-bacterial materials.?"Using the antiseptic properties of silver, Colortrend's Hygen paint allows a controlled slow release of silver ions inhibiting the growth of certain bacteria, algae and mould,??Colortrend director Liam Holland has said of the range.?Better still, there are thousands of colourways - so you can either quickly return your room to its former glory or take the opportunity to be inspired.

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By Jessica Elliott

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