3 Easy Summer Interior Updates

Interiors is not as fast-moving as fashion, and trends tend to be refreshed and recreated?for many years - hello pink, gallery walls and tropical leaves. ?However, themes inevitably seep into the shapes, textures and materials of the upcoming seasons, so we've picked three summer favourites...?


L to R:?Empoli glassware; ?Julie Johnson Verglass carafes available from The Old Mills Stores

Shedding gaudy connotations, colourful glass with nostalgic hues of amber, apricot, violet and jade is back, in a big way. Italy's Empoli glassware is brimming with beaded-seemed goblets and is?inspired by Monet's garden in Giverny. While at the more accessible end of the scale, we're long time admirers of Paola Navone's sturdy green tableware - perfect for relaxed dining.

John Adams of Article Dublin credits the re-emergance of coloured glass as growing from the surge in popularity of'mid-century design we have seen over the past few years. "When you think of the 1950s and 1960s, there was a lot of coloured glass around that it is now very collectable.?It's great to see modern designers pick up on this and there are some great modern pieces, especially in lighting, that can be used as focal point, alternatively a small grouping of coloured glass pieces look great placed where they can catch the sunlight and bounce the reflections around the room."


L to R:?Beatrice Laval's Le Monde Sauvage linens, folded linens

Wrinkled bedding and kitchen linen in varying shades have been cropping up everywhere, but amidst a sea of stonewashed blues, grey and white, we are drawn to brights, as seen at Beatrice Laval's Le Monde Sauvage. Known for a love of colour, she advises, ?As a general rule, I avoid mixing more than three colours together, or sometimes I restrict myself to just two colours and another tone such as black, white or grey, for example. We all have a chromatic scale, and once you find it, use it!? Colour aside, any trend that means less ironing and more sleeping is okay with us.



L to R: ?Wooden figures by?Lucie Kaas, Dogai Round Ears by?Domsai, A Modern Grand Tour

A sense of playfulness was palpable at industry trade shows this year. Siobhan Lam of April and the Bear agrees, "It seemed like a rebellion against the harsh realities of the real world. I particularly like the emergence of the pastel pink?armchair and all things kitsch."?For your home, small details can make a big difference. There's only one rule: if it makes you smile, go for it. We'll be cheering up our own spaces with one of these touches.

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