10 Minutes With The Wilde's Interior Designer Suzie McAdam

Having recently remodelled The Wilde office space with Iconic Offices, we caught up with interior designer Suzie McAdam to talk about the importance of heritage, irreverent artwork, and her advice for designing a dynamic working environment...

Photography Ruth Maria Murphy

The building is a traditional Georgian house. Did this sense of heritage influence your design approach?

I studied with The Georgian Society in order to fully understand the heritage and implement different design elements into the building, because it's hugely important to the palette, textures, and concept in the design. The wallpaper is a hand-painted chinoiserie design from a French company, who were highly sought after in this time.


Courtesy of The Wilde

What are the main priorities in designing a contemporary office space?

The offices I design have to reflect the client and their ethos, so individuality is very important. It's about bringing their vision to life, and creating an atmosphere that encapsulates that vision.?

The first thing you notice when you walk into The Wilde is a focus on statement light fixtures.?What is the thought process behind this?

What is so unique about the building is the large double height arched window, and I wanted to utilise this and create a striking focal point both from the streetscape and within the foyer. The Flame Design by LUUM was a bespoke piece made to fill the space perfectly. At night time, as each light is suspended by very fine metal cables, they look like Chinese lanterns floating towards the sky.?

Courtesy of?The Wilde

Why did you decide to use marble in the lobby area?


Marble is a luxurious material. The concept was developed from the flagstones which would traditionally line a hallway in a Georgian building, and I wanted to have that sense of weight as you entered. Also, as the marble is reflective and glossy, it reflects the light installation overhead and allows light to bounce off the space as you ascend the staircase.

There is a diverse range of artwork displayed in the building. Have you any favourite pieces?

Chad Wys is one of my favourite contemporary artists. He defaces classical and renaissance paintings in neon colours. I like his irreverent approach to his art. It's similar to my own design approach, in that I adore classical pieces, but also like to add an edge so that it fits better in our contemporary lives.

Courtesy of?The Wilde

You make use of a lot of greenery and plant life, as well as artificial grass. What impact do you think this has on the space?

Greenery is something I add to all of my designs. Plants add a freshness, and the tall palms emphasise the height of a room.?Artificial grass is a fantastic way to add greenery and texture to a space, especially in a courtyard that doesn't receive much natural light.?

Courtesy of?The Wilde

Why did you choose a dark colour palette? ?

The dark tones were inspired by the heritage of the building, because originally all Georgian windows would have been dark green, and not white as they often are today. I played with this concept when developing the interior palette.

Courtesy of?The Wilde

Can you think of a couple of simple changes that can be made to update and enhance an office environment?

Greenery, great lighting and good coffee! A successful work environment, to me, is somewhere where people feel relaxed and comfortable. It should be inviting, and somewhere that you want to spend time, so break out space is key. Acoustics and lighting are the two areas that people often get wrong in an office space. If you can get these right, you are on the right path to a perfect work environment.?

Featured image from Instagram, shot by Ruth Maria Photography

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