10 Cute and Colourful Clocks to Get You Through the Winter

The clocks have officially gone back, meaning there'll be a little less light in our lives (in the evenings, at least) for the next few months. But there doesn't have to be less colour...

On Sunday'morning at 2am, while you were hopefully slumbering peacefully, your iPhone was turning itself backwards to 1am, signalling the end of Daylight Saving Time for 2015. The good news? One extra hour under the duvet. The bad news? It is definitely almost winter now,?whether we like it or not.

While some may relish the prospect of three months of acceptable hibernation, the sun worshippers among us?are less enthused. They greet the ever earlier sunsets, building to the shadowy crescendo of the winter solstice, with a grim, grit-your-teeth-until-it's-over mentality.



Well, the arrival of winter might mean less light, but it doesn't have to signal the departure of colour. Who's to say that sunny?brights and pretty pastels have to wait for spring/summer? Colour-pop decorative accessories can always be relied on to lighten the mood of a home, and a vividly coloured clock like one of these may just help us all feel a little more optimistic about the turning-back of the clocks.

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