WATCH: Jamie Oliver makes the easiest homemade pasta (no machine required)

Always wanted to make homemade pasta? Jamie Oliver shows us how to master it in a matter of minutes 

Homemade pasta is one of those skills we’d all like to have in our cooking repertoire. 

It tastes one hundred times better than shop-bought pasta and has the added bonus of absorbing more sauce. What’s not to love?

Well, a couple of things actually. A lot of people associate homemade pasta with hard work. Who has time to roll out sheets of pasta dough when they can rustle up shop-bought pasta in eight minutes? 


And how many people have a pasta-making machine in their culinary arsenal? 

It’s true that some homemade pasta requires a machine but it turns out that you can also make perfectly good “rustic” pasta with just strong flour (00), water and a rolling pin.

“Fresh pasta is the simplest thing in the world,” explains Jamie Oliver in the latest episode of Keep Cooking & Carry On. 

And after watching this video, we’d be inclined to agree. 

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