Ten places to eat pancakes every day in Dublin

Gearing up for Pancake Tuesday? Here's where you'll want to book your breakfast next week

Pancake Tuesday was such a significant day in my calendar as a child, the thought of stuffing my face with stacks of flat round fried pancakes seemed like the best thing ever. It was. These days while I still indulge on this important day I also love to eat them year-round and thankfully there are plenty of places in Dublin flipping pancakes every day. From sweet to savoury, fluffy to flat here are some of my favourites


Alma, 12 South Circular Road, Dublin 8


pancakesPhoto: Alma

At this picture-perfect Argentinian cafe with a twist, the pancakes are an event, every day. Homemade dulce leche is drizzled over fluffy buttermilk cakes with brandy and orange mascarpone served with poached vanilla pears, topped with orange zest and candied almond. You can add crispy bacon too. Served daily on their breakfast menu.


Gertrude, 130 Pearse Street, Dublin 2

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If American-style pancakes are what you’re after, head to Gertrude. They always have buttermilk pancakes on the breakfast menu here, served simple & stacked, with orchard syrup and honey butter. You can add bacon, sausage or fried egg. The sausage is a perfect match. Order a diner mug of refillable filter coffee for the ultimate ‘am I in a movie?’ breakfast.


The Cake Café, The Daintree Building, 8 Pleasants Pl, Dublin 2

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Tucked away off Camden Street, you’ll find the charming Cake Cafe where they do all-day brunch every day, which includes an excellent pancake option. Their carrot and walnut cakes are made with wholemeal flour and almond milk and you can order them with citrus curd and banana or poached seasonal fruit with the option of adding bacon.



Two Boys Brew, 375 North Circular Road, Dublin 7

Image: Instagram

I praise this uber-stylish neighbourhood café a lot for nailing the modern brunch classics and within their brilliant repertoire is always an excellent version of ricotta hotcakes. At the moment they are doing a blackberry & pear version with cinnamon and maple roasted apples, vanilla mousse and biscuit nut crunch. How could you resist?


Voici, 1A Rathgar Rd, Dublin 6

pancakesImage: Instagram

When you still want pancakes and it’s dinner time, you need to head to Voici in Rathmines. Authentic French galettes are crafted with buckwheat flour from Brittany and served with Irish twists — the Allez Les Bleus is stuffed with pear, Cashel blue and walnuts & drizzled or try Le Traditionnel with Irish ham, cheddar and Ballymaloe relish.

Eathos, 13a Upper Baggot St and 8-11 Lower Baggot St

pancakesImage: Eathos

Eathos serve up some of the prettiest pancakes in town. The light buckwheat pile comes covered with blueberries, blackberries, cacao nibs, bee pollen, maple syrup, coconut whip and usually an edible flower or two. Available daily on their all-day brunch menu and they happen to be wheat and dairy free too.


Balfes, 2 Balfe Street, Dublin 2

pancakesImage: Instagram

Head to Balfes for New York brasserie breakfast vibes and an extensive selection of their ‘Bodybyrne’ oat pancakes — a recipe developed for them by a neighbouring gym. Eat them with berries and agave, eggs and avocado, almond butter and banana or blueberries, maple and bacon.


Le Petit Breton, 1A Drumcondra Road Lower, Dublin 9

The French sure know how to serve a pancake, or crêpe if we are feeling correct. Whatever you call them, they taste great. Savoury versions are made with buckwheat flour and served with cheese, egg, ham, salad — there’s even a breakfast version with sausage and pudding. And there is a long list of irresistible sweet crêpes.

Tang, Abbey Street, Dublin 1


pancakes Image: Tang

These are definitely pancakes I could devour daily. Tang do perfect, light and squishy buckwheat pancakes served with Greek yoghurt, fresh berries, pecan nuts, honey and a dollop of almond butter. Simple and satisfying with excellent coffee on the side.

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