Stanley Tucci’s Negroni Instagram tutorial is the soothing soul balm you need right now

The Devil Wears Prada actor mixes up a cocktail for us on his Instagram. We're drooling, and not at the cocktail, which, incidentally, also looks delicious.

There are few big-name male actors who you can say are global treasures. Tom Hanks is a global treasure. Sir Ian McKellan is a global treasure, as well as his bestie Patrick Stewart. Will Smith would kill to be considered a global treasure. Keanu Reeves is teetering on becoming a global treasure. As is Woody Harrelson, if only for this video of him busting a move dressed as Lyndon B Johnson in between takes of LBJ


Stanley Tucci too,  is a global treasure.

An actor for the past 25 years, Tucci is happily married to Felicity Blunt (they were introduced by her sister Emily while filming The Devil Wear Prada) and living a relatively quiet life. He pops up in a wide variety of films (Spotlight, Julie & Julia, Captain America) to play the supportive best friend only to steal the show and our heart with his puppy dog face and calming voice.

If you needed any more evidence of his unique combination of likability, charm and insane sexual energy (it cannot be just me), his latest Instagram video will settle the debate.


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Filmed by his wife (who yes, even sounds like Emily Blunt) Tucci takes you through the methodical process of mixing a Negroni using gin, sweet vermouth and biceps… I’m sorry, I mean Campari.

But seriously, everyone else rewound the part with him shaking the shaker, right?

Even wannabe-global treasure Chris Pine – who, like Leo and his Oscar, is a shoe in for the title eventually – got in on the action, singing praise for Tucci’s cocktail-making skills and all-round loveliness. 


Writing on Twitter, he said that Tucci would regularly make martinis after filming days on Captain America and that “however cool, fun, witty, and charming you think he is, double it and you’re halfway there.”

Proof that nice guys come first, especially when wearing tight-fitting polo shirts.

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