5 healthy breakfast ideas (that aren't cereal)

Given the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, those that opt to have it are always on the lookout for an early morning dish that's as healthy as possible and an easy fit into their hectic weekday schedule. And if you're on a health kick, it makes sense to want options that aren't the standard food many go for - breakfast cereals, bagels and bread. Here are some suggestions for a morning meal with a difference

For office-bound adults


Go for whole grains, nuts, and fruit with a bit of yoghurt. Combine a modest helping of whole oat groats with small portions of heart-healthy berries, walnuts, and full-fat yoghurt for a quick breakfast that will keep you full all morning. This combination will improve blood cholesterol levels and reduce risks of heart disease and diabetes too.


For vegans


A slice of sprouted-grain toast with half of a smashed avocado or hummus is a tasty choice and really good for you as the bread is filled with fibre and B vitamins while the spreads provide wholesome fats and proteins.

Good as you get older


As your body ages, muscle weakness is a natural concern, so to combat this, plenty of protein is recommended. Eggs are a fantastic source of said protein, so why not combine one or two eggs with black beans and yoghurt or milk or fibre and antioxidant-rich fruit is another option.

For vegetarians



It's best to go green. A breakfast smoothie made with leafy greens is the ideal way to fit in some of the most nutrient-dense foods. Along with hefty amounts of kale, spinach, and other greens, add some berries, seeds, and milk to your blender for a complete morning meal.

Don't forget

Make sure you drink up. Studies show most adults and roughly half of all kids aren't adequately hydrated, so water is always a healthy, refreshing choice. But coffee and tea (green or otherwise) are fine too. Coffee may help you live longer, and research shows that tea can hydrate you better than water. Orange juice, while a full of vitamins, tends to be loaded with sugar, so it might be worth your while holding off on this until lunchtime.

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