14 pieces we love from Zara's new limited edition SS20 collection

Zara has released its new limited edition collection – here are 14 pieces we are putting straight in our basket

There's something about the words 'limited edition' that makes my heart flutter.

It's like getting an invite to a world I don't usually belong to. Limited is rare and makes something feel a little more special than your usual run of the mill object.

Zara has just released their limited edition collection for the new season and there is only one word to define it: bohemian.


Cool yet glam

These are the types of clothes you wear while you visit farmers' markets. Then you come home to burn sage and make an organic brunch. Once that is done, it's time to read your tarot cards and use your crystals to manifest your future.

All the while you wear a stunning pale pink dress with golden appliques.

You are glam but it's achingly cool and not ostentatious. It's all about the relaxed shapes, the beaded neck scarves, the dresses and the layering of rings and necklaces.

You listen to vinyls exclusively while wearing a semi-sheer beaded shirt.

If this sounds like someone you would like to become once quarantine is over, than this collections is the train ride to get you there. I love everything about it and it's a much-needed escape from the dreary world of today.

Highlights include the military-style waistcoat (waistcoats are big news for summer FYI) and the contrasting plaid and floral dress, which is screaming to be accessorised by a glass of wine while listening to Fleetwood Mac and dancing around your garden barefoot.


Our top 14 pieces

Limited edition long dress with appliqués, €159

Limited edition semi-sheer blouse, €69.95

Limited edition printed flowing coat, €129


Limited edition contrasting strappy dress, €89.95

Limited edition beaded scarf, €25.95 at Zara

Limited edition printed cropped cardigan, €39.95


Limited edition contrasting dress, €99.95 at Zara

Limited edition diagonal contrast skirt, €79.95

Limited edition organza jacket, €49.95

Limited edition dress, €49.95


Limited edition beaded bucket bag, €39.95

Limited edition waistcoat with gold detailing, €69.95

Limited edition velvet dress, €129


Studded leather cowboy boots, €239

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