Wrap Up, It's Freezing: 5 Of The Best Blanket Scarfs To Buy Now

Baby, it's cold outside. You can really start to feel the bite, can't you? While the cold can be harsh on our skin, we're fully equipt to deal with it thanks to our arsenal of extra large, extra-cosy blanket scarfs. Here are the best high-street, XL scarfs to hide away from the world in this weekend.

Initiate cosy in 3.. 2.. 1...

This monochrome extra long 'computer' scarf, €96 at zddzshop.com

Computer scarf, €96 at zddzshop.com


This soft and gentle blush scarf, €35 at UrbanOutfitters.com

Blanket scarf, €35 at Urbanoutfitters.com

Giddy up, partner, in this cowboy town blanket scarf, €216 at Electronicsheep.com

Mountain view Cowboy Town Blanket Scarf, €216 at Electronicsheep.com

This deluxe fringed chenille scarf, €19.95 at Zara


Fringed chenille scarf, €19.95 at Zara

This delightfully coloured rainbow scarf, €24.32 at Asos 

Oversized long woven stripe scarf, €24.32 at Asos 


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