World Cup Fashion

From Versace to Adidas, designers and sports labels alike are teaming up to kit you out for the coming football season...

With the World Cup kicking off in Rio this week, whether you're only feigning interest, caught up in the football fever or a genuine football fanatic, you'll be on trend for this football season with a tropical sport luxe look. From the high end to the high street, designers are combining tropical prints and national team colors with classic sportswear looks in honor of the 2014 World Cup.

Versace debuted a special Brazil themed T-shirt, with classic Versace patterns in bright tropical colors, mixed with football motifs and very aptly named ?Versace loves Brasil?.

Alexander McQueen collaborated with popular sports brand Puma to create some beautiful high heeled sneakers.

Adidas Original combined their flair for classic sportswear with The Farm Company's signature prints, creating a series of gorgeous tracksuits and sports pieces. Hurry up though! A lot of their pieces available online have already sold out.


For the men who are sick of Jerseys, Lacoste has combined its classic t-shirt style with Brazilian team colors making for a subtle but colorful reference to the football festivities.

And even the Olsen twins are in on the action with their Textile Elizabeth and James line creating a cute selection of national colors themed tees.

Meanwhile on the high street, Forever 21 have produced a Soccer Collection with everything from vintage style tank tops and t-shirts to? hats, hair ties and head bands bearing the national team colours.

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