Why socks are the secret to wardrobe perfection

Never underestimate the power of a good sock. Yes, really. Sometimes the answer to your fashion quandry might be right under your nose....or the soles of your feet to be exact...

It might seem frivolous to be talking about the mundanity of socks, but there is a method to my fashion madness. The simple sock has come a long way - from basic necessity to frivolous accessory - and it deserves a moment. They are tiny but powerful vehicles for channeling your personal style, not a wardrobe afterthought.

What should a sock do? A good sock should provide comfort and warmth during winter. But it should also make a style statement. You can buy a pair for less than a cup of coffee, or at the other end of the scale, the equivalent of a weekend away in the sunshine (case in point below: embellished Gucci socks for €350 at Net-a-porter). Your choice of hosiery should be ambitious, yes, but it shouldn't leave you hungry for the rest of the month. A happy medium between the two is these colourful limited edition socks by Happy Socks that will add playfulness and sophistication to any pencil skirt or trouser and T-shirt combination.



With with each passing season, designers are focusing more on the modest sock as a source of inspiration and the anchor of an outfit, rather than just an afterthought. For ss18, Jill Stuart dressed up a modern tea dress with neat laser-cut socks and a popping shoe, while Gucci took inspiration from the 1980s, harmoniously teaming mid-heel loafers and a shell tracksuit with punchy mustard knit socks.

Left-right; Jill Stuart, Gucci; both ss18 catwalk

Here's a thought for you; before you buy your next five-pair of basic woollen grey socks, consider stepping outside your comfort zone. Instead, polka-dot it, zig-zag it, stripe it, or bottle green knee-high it (see below). Take inspiration from some of my favourite SS18 looks in the gallery above and be your best self, from head to toe (literally).

I really wanted to wear bottle green knee-highs recently, so I constructed an entire ensemble around them.



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