Why I'm Falling For Fine Jewellery

I've always been a fan of costume jewellery, statement pieces that can reinvent an outfit all on their own. Having said that, the items I'm drawn to are always quite graphic and modern rather than overly embellished and fussy. But recently I've been drawn more to the delicacy of fine jewellery.

I think this slow burning romance began with MoMuse, based in the Powerscourt Town Centre. The boutique is a beautiful little Aladdin's cave of elegant accessories and trinkets, all of which feel completely contemporary and infinitely wearable. I had always thought of fine jewellery as pretty but too subtle to make any sort of style statement, but MoMuse owner Margaret O'Rourke's clever designs are utterly engaging and pack a big style punch in a small, refined?package.

 Margaret O'Rourke of MoMuse

I've recently started wearing a gold initial necklace from Juvi, and it's perfect for those days when I don't want to make a statement, but would still like to add a little interest to my outfit. Now I think I'd like a signature piece in fine jewellery to wear everyday, something special that I become associated with.


I'll be visiting Made boutique, also in the Powerscourt Town Centre, to take a closer look at'sculptural jeweller Beatriz Palacios. Again, these designs feel modern and have something quite intriguing about them too.

Beatriz Palacios Jewellery

Another spot on my hit list is Appleby jewellers. At a recent IMAGE event in the store, I'saw a surprising number of pieces that really appealed to my own personal style. I suppose what I've realised is that fine jewellery doesn't have to have an antique feel. It can be modern and clean and fit with an unfussy aesthetic just as much as statement jewellery.





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