When Your Face And Neck Don't Match? It's Polo-Neck Time

It's?FREEZING at the moment?which means the?fake tan can stay packed away while you embrace your milky Celtic skin. We think 'alabaster' sounds nicer, so we'll go with that. While the tan has faded, it's likely that you're still rocking the same foundation you were wearing pre-tan glow, which means your face is now a distinctively different shade from the rest of your body. You have three choices. Either you invest in the correct make-up colour to match your actual skin tone, you continue to apply fake tan, even just to your neck and chest, to avoid those dodgy lines around your jaw or, even lazier, you start incorporating polo-necks into your daily ensembles.

For the purposes of this article, we're going to roll with option three, polo-necks, or if you grew up on a diet of American TV, turtle necks. Here we round up some of our favourites that tick all of the necessary boxes. They cover your every inch (assuming you've opted for pants as well), they're nice and cosy, and they're all you need to create a look; no other layers necessary. Hell, some of these are so chunky, you could even go without a bra if that prospect took your fancy.


Browse through each polo-neck and enjoy.

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