What Does It Take To Be A No 5

Chanel No 5's timeless charm has as much to do with all it symbolizes, as it does with that instantly recognisable classical scent. The name itself stems from Coco Chanel's lifelong relationship with the number 5, which to her embodied all that was authentic and quintessentially itself. It developed as a perfume in the midst of the roaring 20's, when wearing scent was still not considered suitable for respectable women. Chanel No 5 changed that indelibly, capturing the spirit of sexual liberation of the 1920's as well as a classic elegance and refinement. The muses the perfume has had ever since have perpetuated that story, representing that narrative of sensuality combined with indefinable taste. From Marilyn Monroe, to Nicole Kidman, to Audrey Tautou, and Brad Pitt, the ambassadors have all tread the line between the sensual and the iconic. Gisele Bundchen represents a contemporary version of the perfume, and this is why we think so

- Natural Beauty Between her Brazilian roots, her golden skin, speckled face and luscious locks, there is something of a natural beach beauty to Gisele that gives her a classic beauty as well as an unworldly feel.

- Model Of The Year She's been the best paid model according to Forbes magazine for quite some time. Famously modeling for Victoria's Secret, she has also in recent times done campaigns for Versace, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, H&M, and is currently starring in Chanel Beaty's campaign for Les Beiges. She has the versatility and a look that captures pure style, in all its forms.

- Sporty, Healthy, Green One of the ways in which Gisele is a contemporary muse, perfect for Chanel No 5, is clear in her lifestyle choices. We know she's a regular yogi and very dedicated to fitness, which makes her one of the few models in the industry who's beautifully fit and not terrifyingly thin. Furthermore, she often speaks and instagrams about healthy food and lifestyle, and has come out in support of the Rainforest Alliance several times.

Will she go to bed wearing nothing but Chanel No 5? - Like most of the ambassadors before her, Gisele is a sex symbol. Anyone who as seen her Victoria's Secret runway appearances would find it hard to deny. And yet in spite of being photographed regularly in next to no clothing, she retains a privacy and classiness in her private life that make her a perfect No 5 blend.


It Is Brazil's Moment - With the World Cup only a few weeks away and with the Olympics coming up in two years, it seems like a good moment to have one of Brazil's most successful exports take on the iconic brand.

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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