We've Just Discovered 'Olive' And We're In Love

When you stumble upon a new store wherein every single item of clothing would happily migrate towards your wardrobe (if your wallet would allow it), it's as though all your Christmases have come at once. Well, we certainly get this excited. Yesterday, we were beside ourselves with joy upon discovering Olive, a UK clothing brand that, while based across the pond, thankfully deliver to this here emerald isle. What we love most about Olive? Not only do they have the regular categories such as 'tops', 'trousers and skirts' etc., they have an actual section dedicated entirely to stripes. For those who are unaware, stripes are fast becoming IMAGE.ie's signature style; we can't get enough of it.

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Prices at Olive are pretty reasonable as premium brands go, but of course we have to remain mindful right now that the euro isn't stacking up too well against the British Pound. On the plus side, you'll find lots of items with 50% discounts right now, and for orders over €75, they deliver free worldwide. Below we round up some of our favourites from this gorgeous new find. Check them out on Instagram for the prettiest arrangements of clothing and accessories.?.

Screen shot 2015-07-09 at 16.01.17


Linen shorts €49, oliveclothing.com

stiped patch dress

?59.00, oliveclothing.com

striped tshirt

?16 oliveclothing.com

khaki dungarees

?49, oliveclothing.com


Screen shot 2015-07-09 at 15.55.37

?16, oliveclothing.com

navy skirt

Skirt €45 oliveclothing.com

green linen coat

?79 oliveclothing.com

pink dress


?79, oliveclothing.com

?48, oliveclothing.com

?48, oliveclothing.com

light blue knit

?29 oliveclothing.com

?49 oliveclothing.com

?49 oliveclothing.com


Head over to the website to discover all the looks?www.oliveclothing.com

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