We're officially sold on the teeny-tiny bag trend

Since Jaquemus released the smallest handbag I've ever seen (my purse is bigger) we've seen an onslaught of tiny bags on the high street, here's some of our favourites.

Being very much an 'everything but the kitchen sink' kind of girl a small bag is not something I gravitate towards. Instead I like something that can carry my entire make-up bag, a book, a bottle of water and the 15 lip-balms I insist on taking with me everywhere.

However, I can't stop picking these up and admiring them when I'm out shopping. I know they're impractical. I know I'll overstuff it until a clasp pops open.  I know they won't fit more than my mobile phone and a Leap card inside. But still, inexplicably, I want one.

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There is something so lady-like and feminine about a small dainty bag, and there are so many to choose from at the moment. Zara have lots of beaded, evening options, &Other Stories have your '90s fix with the return of the baguette bag, Mango have lots of classic styles and Rixo's pink and seashell combo is as girly as it gets.

So perhaps it's time I gave my poor shoulders a rest and packed light for a change?

tiny bagTwo-Tone Evening Bag; €89 at uterque.com


tiny bagsRIXO Jemima plissé-velvet shoulder bag €360 at netaporter.com

tiny bags

Duo Buckle Croc Baguette; €129 at stories.com


tiny bagEvening Bag With Slatted Design; €125 at uterque.com

tiny bagsBlue Collection Gold Mini Crossbody Bag; €49.95 at zara.com

tiny bags

Rigid Handle Bag; €29.99 at  mango.com

tiny bags
Animal Print Minaudiére; €39.95 at zara.com

tiny bagsAcne Studios mini leather shoulder bag; €190 at netaporter.com

tiny bagsMini cross-body bag; €9.99 at mango.com


tiny bagMini Evening Bag With Cube Design; €125 at uterque.com

tiny bags

Cotton Macrame Bucket Bag; €39 at stories.com


tiny bags

Chloé Faye Bracelet leather and suede shoulder bag; €680; at netaporter.com

Header Image: @jacquemus


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