How To Wear One Colour

One colour head-to-toe?was Hilary Clinton's signature, with mixed results, and Melania Trump chose a powder blue colour block?for her husband's controversial inauguration. Apparently blue is the colour that represents trust, honesty, loyalty, reliability and responsibility - irony? Just a little. There's never?anything accidental about these kinds of style?choices, of course. In fact, I wonder if?the now First Lady?had any say in the decision?at all or did a myriad of Trump advisers seal the sartorial deal.

For me, Melania's outfit was a little bland, but I imagine the Trump team was aiming for discreet and unassuming at the very least. To really nail one colour, texture and cut are absolutely key. Here are four street style outfits that show exactly how it should be done.

Italian concept store owner Eleonora Carisi nails this hard-to-wear earthy shade of maize by embracing texture. The trouser suit itself is made from a very tactile looking, almost gnarly, fabric, while the leather jacket punctuates the outfit rather than being absorbed by it because of its contrasting fabric. The suede bag adds a further point of different despite being the same shade.

If you're going to choose one colourway to wear head-to-toe, pink is it for SS17. W contributing editor Giovanna Battaglia makes it look modern and fresh by balancing an unfussy T-shirt with a pretty pleated skirt. The subtle print on the skirt helps add definition to the look as do the graphic knife pleats.


When worn well, shades of caramel look really classy. Nicole Warne of influential blog Gary Pepper Girl looks exquisite in this simple ensemble. The silk slip dress drapes her body beautifully and because it catches the light, adds depth to the overall outfit.

What Melania's outfit missed was tonal differences. The below outfit showcases shades from cobalt to baby blue, creating depth and points of interest. Graduating tonal shades works even without having added texture.

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