How to Wear: Heart-Shaped Sunglasses (without looking ridiculous)

Granted, in the midst of this weather, your mind is probably far from sunny skies and suitable accessories. But a woman's got to dream, and there's no better way to get your sartorial heart fluttering than with the unexpected accessory of the season; heart-shaped sunglasses.



Maybe the first thing you think of is the character of Lolita. Or maybe it's a tacky free gift in a fast-food kid's meal. But heart-shaped sunglasses are no longer a novelty piece. They've become a chic addition to any outfit, and a fun alternative to other, more severe sunglasses trends of SS18 (see: Matrix thin, ski goggles, etc.).


Although the trend has graduated to catwalk-acceptable, there is still a fear that translating it into real life will leave you looking a little too cutesy and childish. As always, it's not the piece that matters. It's how you wear it.

The key to nailing the heart-shaped sunglasses trend is simplicity. If you plan on wearing a pair, try and tone down the rest of your outfit so as not to look like a theme park character. As seen here, heart-shaped glasses can be totally suited to an office get-up, as long as you're smart about their placement.



That's not to say, however, that the rest of your outfit has to be totally muted. The glasses are a clear indicator of a fun personality, so don't let them take that away from your clothing. On paper, a rainbow skirt, pink heels and heart-shaped sunglasses conjure up an image of My Little Pony. But it works because the glasses are not the focal point of the entire outfit. They're an invitation to inspect the details, and because they're black, they're much more muted than a brighter alternative.




Another key way to wear the look is to go for an elongated shape. The brand that kickstarted the trend, Takesh, specialises in a cat-eye/heart-shaped hybrid, which looks much more elegant and adult than a traditional rounded heart. Since the brand was founded four years ago, this particular style has been seen on street-style blogs the world over, and it's easy to see why.



There's a multitude of examples to set your heart-shaped gaze on online, but the most important way to nail this trend is to have fun with it.


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