Watch: Tiffany's New Ad is Crazy Romantic

The Tiffany & Co. advertising department must have a grand old time of it. When stunning jewellery and true love are your building blocks, it's easy to create campaigns that appeal to people, and get the heartstrings tugging in the right direction.

The latest video ad from the company is part of a campaign entitled ?Will You?? The 75-second clip focuses on the smaller facets of life that contribute to lasting relationships. Having toast together in the morning, sharing spirits, playing poker and fixing each other's buttons when they are askew.

The couples are diverse, listen out for the English accent, and include an interracial couple as well as a gay couple. A few months ago the jewelry brand got a lot of respect from consumers for a beautiful print ad featuring a same-sex couple.

It's a really beautiful segment and looks like the romantic Valentine's movie we deserved this year. (Sorry, Jamie and Dakota.) There's a lot of dramatic music. String instruments build while kempt-looking men declare their love to significant others/soul mates/the recipients of Tiffany & Co. rings they spent their savings on.


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