Watch: The Evolution Of The Humble Bra

Time for another satisfying style through the ages video. This time, we're taking a look at the evolution of one of our most important wardrobe staples: the bra. Have our cup protectors changed much in the last few hundred years? Of course. There have been times when we've endeavored to keep our baps under wraps, what with modesty being the order of the day, and then there were phases where push-up technology came to the fore, proving that more is sometimes more. From Roman times to the present day and even beyond, our mammaries have seen it all.

Which style of brassiere would have been your favourite? The Madonna-esque buxom bust? Or the 1970s celebration of nipples?

Bonus points for the extra bra related trivia contained within this video; you'll kill it at your next boob-themed table quiz. Well played, Glamour.


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