Watch: Net-a-Porter CEO's Amazing Send Off

After a 11 year reign as the CEO of the world's most successful online shopping destination, Net-a-Porter, Mark Sebba received perhaps the most amazing send off in the history of... send offs.

Testament to the fact that this man was a boss of legendary status, when Sebba came to work on one of his last days, expecting nothing out of the ordinary apart from the standard champers and We'll Miss You card, his legion of staff were on hand to celebrate his achievements in style, all to the fitting tune of 'The Man' by Aloe Blacc. But it wasn't only the head office that were in on the action; offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, New Jersey - all over the world - were as fanatic of Sebba as those who worked by his side.

We've just given it a watch and it's safe to say our hairs stood on end with the emotion within just a few seconds. Clearly, whoever takes over the role of CEO has some major shoes to fill.?

How nice it must be for Sebba to know that not only did he do a good job in business terms, but, as evidenced by this display of appreciation, his staff absolutely loved him.


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