Watch: Ladies, This Is The Correct Way To Wash Your Bras

We're all about bras this weekend. Yes, we know they're not particularly exciting, but it's not only essential you wear one that fits correctly, but that you also wash them the right way to ensure they stay in shape and support you as they should.

The typical, rather laborious way to wash them is usually by hand, which can be time consuming, but thanks to this handy hack, they can be washed in mere minutes before being left out to dry - yay!

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The trick? Using a little kitchen contraption known as a Salad Spinner (these can be bought over here in places like IKEA for very little money) and a bit of detergent and water and you're all set! It sounds a little weird, but it's a genius idea really, we don't know why we didn't think of it ourselves.


Watch the tutorial below to show you exactly how to do it - we love the idea:

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