Watch: Kendall Versus The Haters

Remember the Burn Book in Mean Girls ? which is a decade old this year by the way? Well, that other early 21st century phenomenon, Kendall Jenner, has decided to write one. This month the young model covers Dazed & Confused and made a video to mark the occasion, wherein she reads her own Burn Book.

Kendall took her legion of haters on social media as inspiration for the publication and dotted the pages with quotes deriding her talents and looks. Kendall's career is inarguably in the ascent, yet criticism dogs her every catwalk appearance. Accusations of nepotism fester despite well-received gigs with Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana. Last month we examined her career in light of her new role at Estee Lauder.

After this video you might be convinced the gal could add actress to that never-ending CV?


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