Watch: David Beckham Shows Off Acting Skills In Hilarious H&M Film

David Beckham, retired sports star, brand ambassador and family man after our own hearts has taken his acting skills up a notch and proved that his current hesitant career in this field may really take off. He has previously said he was keen to seriously stretch his performing?chops, and this clip is setting him out in the right direction.

In a brilliant new short film for H&M, Beckham teams up with actor Kevin Heart in a hilarious sketch, which sees Heart play a method actor who wants to play Beckham in I, Beckham, the movie. Clocking in at just over six minutes, the entire short is worth watching as the duo proves to be quite an on-screen pairing.

Beckham clearly has a knack for comic timing, despite the fact that he's meant to be playing himself, and Heart's antics are genuinely funny; he is the OTT fanguy while Beckham does polite exasperation to perfection.

The film is part of the campaign for the brand's Modern Essentials Selected by David Beckham?collection, which lands in stores and online on 1st October. We dig their matching jumpers and adorable pyjamas in particular.

Hart told Glamour that David was quite the diva on set: "He told me not to screw it up, and he wished I was taller." Overall, he said he found playing Beckham "very easy" because "the thing that David and I have in common is sexiness. It comes naturally to me." The film trended on Twitter earlier and went down a treat with viewers.


Oh, and please forgive the obvious male objectification, but you also get to see Beckham show off his toned upper body in some nightwear, which isn't a bad thing.

Watch it below for a great Monday evening giggle:

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