Watch: Chris Pratt Can Run In High Heels

We're all about actor Chris Pratt at the moment. He looks super fine (in general) and in the latest epic blockbuster ?Jurassic World,? and now as it turns out he's very nifty on his feet when it comes to running in a pair of high heels. Red is definitely the man's colour.

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Pratt and his Jurassic World co-star, Bryce Dallas Howard were on James Corden's The Late Late Show in the states talking about and the fact that she has to run around like superwomen in high heels for the entire film (she literally has to do this and put in months of serious, very real training to get the job done), when a dutiful Chris was asked if he could do the same. He accepted and like a pro took the challenge head on. He throws some mean shapes in those shiny shoes. The fun results are below.


Is there anything this man can't do? We're going with no.


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