Watch: 100 Years Of Workout Style In 3 Minutes

Who'says workout wear was ever dull? In the latest time lapse video from Mode, they're all about charting gym gear?through the last century (in just 3 minutes), and it makes for an interesting watch. However, it's just the clothes we have our eyes on; it's also the ways in which women chose to workout that got us gasping. Some of the equipment used was downright ridiculous - there's no way that 1940's gal was in any way comfortable on that yoke - while others looked like'strange and unusual forms of punishment.

The Thighmaster may have seemed odd back in the day, but that was nothing compared to the fitness contraptions of the 1950s. And so the years go on,?from the leather dumbbells and ankle-length hemlines of the 1920s to today's battle ropes and?various leisurewear. Did we actually wear those "outfits"?in the 1990s? Thank god we decided to opt for more sensible footwear, though. ?The clip starts way back in the 1910s, so we were always chasing #FitnessGoals in some form.

Make of this what you will, and watch the full clip below:


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