Watch: 100 Years Of Lingerie In Under 3 Minutes, With A Twist

Mode's 100 Years of series have provided us with many minutes of time lapsing fashion and beauty enjoyment. From men and women's fashion, swimwear and beauty, the videos chart these trends through the years. This time around, they've chosen to show us how our lingerie choices have evolved in decades past. Gone are the days when we would opt for 1915's 'Demurely Natural' trend, and 1945 has modern-day Dita Von Teese all over it. We don't even want to mention the 80's, suffice to say that we're glad that lingerie-wearing era is over. The 90's are on point, and while we're not loving the 2015 attire on the model, it rings true to current trends. It looks more like an outfit, albeit a rather daring one. We've seen many a celebrity and model embracing the underwear-as-outerwear trend (think Lady Gaga in her glorified early days) that has ebbed and flowed through 2014 and 2015, with designers such as Marc Jacobs and Dior mix-and-matching on their runways previously.

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This particular video is getting a lot more attention thanks to its 'twist' and efforts to promote body positivity. Towards the end of the clip, three models of various shapes and sizes are seen wearing underwear, including a plus-size model and an actor and yoga instructor named Danielle Orner, who proudly displays her prosthetic leg, all while looking suitably gorgeous. Each of these ladies showcases that confidence, and not body type or shape is the key element in rocking whatever style of lingerie you choose. This is the first time we have seen Mode trying to diversify in their videos, and we love it. Hopefully, this is foretelling of the direction we will see the industry go in, as the 'perfect' body shape ideal is tiresome and wearing. The most important thing is that you feel good wearing whatever lingerie you chose and that you're happy with yourself, and the video promotes that in some way at least.



Watch it above. What's your favourite era?

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