3 Wardrobe-Worthy Accessories To Try For Autumn / Part 2

Now that you've got your feet, wrist, and arm candy covered from last weeks wardrobe-worthy accessories part?one, it's time to introduce part two and three more exciting accessory options to try out.

Women have a profound ability to change an outfit in?an instant?with a subtle addition of a hat, or sunlight falling gently onto a delicate piece of jewelry; giving a familiar ensemble a new life. And with the rising cost of retail, accessorizing is an affordable and enjoyable way to add freshness and personalization to your wardrobe.

Here are three must-try accessories to try this autumn and where to find them. ?September?is?the month of change, after all.

The Curated Ear

With the recent?Maria Tash pop-up gone, the buzz around the city is all about creating the perfect curated ear. Think multiple piercings and dainty, tiny earrings combined together to create a delicately beautiful look that's completely personalised and bespoke to you. If you're not yet ready to commit to more than one lobe piercing, try this gorgeous silver faux-diamond ear cuff from Asos (pictured below, left). It's the perfect, pocket-friendly way to try the trend before committing to puncturing more holes.


Kingsley Ryan Sterling Silver Ear Climber Cuff, Asos, €10.81,?14-karat gold diamond earring, Maria Tash, €146, Orelia Rose Gold Rhinestone Ear Climber,?orelia.co.uk, €33.78

The Hosiery

We're equal parts emotionally unstable at the thought of saying goodbye to summer, and happy to say hello to autumn (and, most importantly, to layering). September is the perfect time of the year to test-drive new-season tights, and this year's focus is on colour, print, and fun. Fishnet tights - which have been hugely popular this year already -is a great way to incorporate the tight trend into your new autumn wardrobe. Their sparsely-covered appearance is perfect if you're not quite ready to hide away your legs, but still offer enough coverage and warmth so you can still wear a mini skirt or dress on chilly September mornings. They're perfect for pairing with ripped jeans, too.




Shapy tights, Balenciaga, €95, Velvet effect tights, Prettypolly.co.uk, €19.32. supersize fishnet tights, Topshop, €8

The Hat

The beret is having a moment. Statistically speaking, Irish women are not hugely fond of wearing hats, unlike our chich European counterparts like Paris or London. But the beret is super adaptable and easy to wear: there are no wide brims or lids to worry about, they; re small and convenient, and, of course, they're super cozy?(think beanie, only way chicer). We love this grey-coloured wool-blend (middle) beret from H&M FOR €9.99.

Pompom Knitted Beret Hat, Gucci, €270,?Wool-blend beret, H&M, €9.99, Velvet beret, Zara, €12.95

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