Want A Designer Bargain? Support Dress For Success' Equal Pay Campaign

Equal pay is a constant source of strife for today's working women. We're talking about it, and the gap is getting smaller, but we still aren't there; we don't earn the same as the men in our fields, despite - in the bulk of cases - doing the same job as them. Talking about money and pay in the workplace is difficult; it's often considered a 'taboo' topic.  Our perception of our talent often skews lower than our actual worth because we're constantly bombarded with mixed messages: Demand more! Don't Compromise! But always be yourself! And because we don't put our self-worth at the top of our priorities, our confidence can dive making awkward conversations in the office even harder to broach.

To continue to raise awareness, Sonya Lennon, founder of Dress for Success Dublin is launching an Equal Pay campaign for the month of November and hosting its annual fashion sale on 10th and 11th. The aim is to highlight the gap and and raise funds to support more women going back to work.  

“Ireland’s gender pay gap is approximately 14 per cent.  That means, over the course of their careers, women earn on average 14 per cent less than their male colleagues," she explained. “Another way to look at this – if you shave 14 per cent off the end of the year – is that women work for free for about the last seven weeks of each year.  That’s why we’re marking Equal Pay Day on the 10th - on the day women in Ireland effectively stop earning relative to men.”

Over two days at their Ellis Quay premises in Smithfield, bargain-hunters can pick up pre-loved designer and high-street clothing, shoes, bags and accessories - for a fraction of their original cost.   

The sale will run at the following times:

  • From 12 noon to 4pm on Friday, 10th November
  • From 10am to 3pm on Saturday, 11th November 

The event is only one of many the charity is organising throughout the month to do their part in raising awareness. All items on offer in the sale have been donated to Dress for Success Dublin, and all money raised will go to supporting their work.

It's a date for your diary, see www.dressforsuccessdublin.org for full details on their campaign  

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