Do trends really matter when creating your personal style? New Smart Casual is live now

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Smart Casual is IMAGE's first fashion podcast, in collaboration with Kildare Village. In our bi-weekly chats, we examine why we wear the clothes we do and deal with personal style in a way that speaks to you

Now that the madness of Fashion Month has settled down, we're left with the results of the designers' months of hard work — the projected key trends for SS20. But while some of us religiously follow trends, discarding and reviving outfits like clockwork every few years, our hosts wonder if a trend-led wardrobe is really the key to looking fashionable.

As a stylist and fashion director respectively, Sarah and Marie live their working lives through fashion trends, and it's a major part of their jobs to be up to date with the latest and greatest from the runway. But how does that influence their own personal style, and how do they seperate their love of trends from afar, from their buying habits every payday?

Our guest this week is knitwear designer Zoe Jordan, who popped in for a chat with Marie after a Dublin event earlier this month. The pair talked about Jordan's influences, her attention to detail in dealing with her sumptuous creations, and whether her Irishness contributes to her style identity.


Episode 28 of Smart Casual, in collaboration with Kildare Village, is available now on SoundCloud and iTunes - make sure to like, subscribe and rate us wherever you enjoy your podcasts. Smart Casual is hosted by Marie Kelly, Édaein O'Connell and Sarah Rickard and produced by Erin Lindsay. If you can't wait to download, have a listen to the new episode below:

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